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All Rolls Rite bicycles are assembled and tuned with the utmost care & precision & come with Free Tune Ups & Adjustments 
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Road & Trail Comfort, Commuter & Cruiser Bikes
These are the bikes built for bike riders who ride for transportation, fun, fitness or just to get out and explore,  whether it be around town, country roads, the beach, the Virginia Creeper, the Parkway, Cades Cove or whatever. Each model comes in several versions from basic to more high tech. Basic is perfectly suitable for most uses. The next levels up add suspension forks, disc brakes and lighter, crisper components. These type of bikes fitted with an electric bike kit make regular commuting a very viable alternative to the gas guzzler.
These have the same diameter wheels (700c) as road bikes but wider and with fatter tires.They're way more comfortable and smooth than mountain bikes and excel at urban commuting, touring county roads, paved or not, or exploring footpaths in the woods.
The bicycle hides nothing and threatens nothing. It is what it does, its form is its function.- Stewart Park

Lighter and faster road oriented bikes with straight handlebars. More versatile and comfortable than a road bike, not as plush or robust as a Crosstown but sportier, quicker and more nimble. OK for smooth paths but not suited for soft or harsh terrain. 

Rugged road & trail bikes with 700c wheels and and components designed for mean streets and exploring off of the beaten path. Not as aggressive and heavy duty as a mountain bike but lighter, quicker and more versatile.

Just what it looks like, a long, low, laid back cruiser. The Pedal Forward design lets the seat be closer to the ground yet still provides proper leg extension. It comes in single speed, 3 speed internally geared and 7 speed versions. Super easy to ride and very stable feeling.
Fuji is our primary line of bikes and the road bikes range from the competent, comfortable $649 Sportif to the $12000 Tour de France class Norcom Straight. You can check out the full line on the Fuji website. If we don't have what you want in stock, we can get it fast.

Fuji's entry level line of road bikes are called SPORTIF and are some of our most popular. They're built for regular folks and are about riding the roads for the joy of it. Sporty enough to ride with the pack yet comfortable, relaxed and rugged enough to ride every day, all day.
No nonsense premium hi tech steel alloy road frame with all Shimano 105 components that are built to last and do their job exceptionally well. Not a racing bike but light enough to be quick and responsive yet robust and versatile enough to handle whatever the roads have to offer without a complaint. The ride quality is crisp & agile yet very smooth & stable. It doesn't have a lot of high tech bells & whistles because it doesn't need them. Some still think a steel frame is a cumbersome relic from the past but the current state of the art is clear proof that 'Steel is Real'. My favorite for riding around town and long hauls to Hot Springs or the Blue Ridge Parkway.  
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We also custom build any Surly framset to your own specifications.
Check out the full line at the Surly website
Fuji was the first to specify Shimano Dura-Ace components on a production bike.
FUJI Fuji mountain bikes range from $350 casual off road explorers to $6500+ full competition mountain bashers.
These sport hardtails are your basic all purpose, go anywhere bikes with a strong emphasis on rugged comfort, versatility and durability.
Tahoes are the next step up into a pretty serious mountain bike discipline. The components get stronger while getting lighter, the ride emphasis shifts from all purpose comfort towards more aggressive off road sport. Competitive enough for the serious Weekend Warrior but still practical enough for non combatants whose sensibilities lean towards a more pronounced appreciation of the finer points of precision machinery. Comes in 29 & 27.5 wheel versions.
SLMThese are world class no holds barred competitors with speed and agility as their sole purpose.
BMX Bikes
We don't keep many BMX bikes in stock but we have access to some of the best. Our primary brand is SE Bikes but we also represent Sub Rosa, Fly Bikes & Stolen
Single Speeds
Here's a few samples of some urban speedsters & track bikes.
Fuji DeclarationFuji TrackSurly SteamrollerSE Bikes Urban Series
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